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What we offer

Mindful Manufacturing. Social Inclusion. Global Reach

We design, manufactures, and sells men’s and women’s fashion, sportswear and active wear apparel and accessories to major retailers, big box stores, and specialty boutiques throughout the world.

Mindful Manufacturing

Our goal is to create designs that will last for years, across all seasons. This reduces waste and since the manufacturing process is more intentional, each piece has its own unique story. Our collection focuses on slow fashion, mindful manufacturing, longevity and respect for the planet and its ecology.

Social inclusion

We are socially-conscious design enthusiasts who put caring for people, and the planet, in everything we do. Past few years forced us to face critical social injustices such as equality, gender and ethnicity. Our collection is a celebration of our shared humanity and highlights the growing sensitivity towards community building, social inclusion and nationality.

Global Reach

With the capacity to produce over million units per year, our mission continues to be making top-quality apparel and accessories accessible to everyone at an impressive value and an irresistible price.

What we do

  • All
  • Down Jackets
  • Ski Jackts
  • Wind Breakers
  • Luggage Bags
  • BackPacks
  • Women Fashion
  • Kitchenware


Down Jackets

Hand Bags

Travel Luggage


Ski Jacket

Ski Jacket

Duffel Trolly

Travel Bags

About us

Partnering With Sustainability & Reliability.

At HaSs Designs, we want to accelerate fashion’s journey towards a sustainable reality. By countering climate change, using resources efficiently and promoting human rights, business can be a positive force for change. HASS DESIGNS is an international, privately-owned fashion company with a strong foundation. With a range of individual fashion brands, HASS DESIGNS provide fashion clothing and accessories, travel bags & luggage, reusable laminated PP woven shopping bags, biodegradable & eco-friendly packaging’s, kitchenware etc.

  • Our manufactured / sourced products are marketed and sold under a variety of brands such as Wildcraft India and Piere Cardin.

  • HASS DESIGNS brands and products are available online, in about 2,600 branded chain stores, 15,000 multi-brand and in department stores across Europe, North America, and India.

  • HASS DESIGNS strive for a sustainable development in the fashion industry by developing suppliers in a more sustainable direction and inspiring customers to make more conscious choices by offering more sustainable products. HASS DESIGNS have no ownership interests in the production chain but work closely with out selected suppliers & manufacturers primarily in China, Vietnam, India and Bangladesh.

  • HASS DESIGNS has dedicated colleagues around the world, and cultural differences are considered as an advantage in promoting good quality, positive results and strong values.





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